Healthy Diet for losing Weight

Healthy Diet for losing Weight


 Going on a diet sometimes ends up meaning going down a path that is unhealthy. Pitfalls include starving yourself too much, eating too much junk instead of healthy food, and not eating a balanced diet.

A new choice is BistroMd and is a diet developed by a doctor.


A quick run down on the diet:

  • The diet program was developed by a medical doctor specialized in weight management.

  • The calories in the diet come from lean protein

  • The diet is so balanced that it is also even appropriate for diabetics. The diet avoids any of the simple sugars like white bread, potatoes, and pasta. These are the sugars that spike your blood sugar then drop rapidly and cause you to be hungry again shortly after eating.

  • It is easy, the meals simply need to be heated

Bistro MD and Dr. Phil team up again to help two families with overweight children. Dr. Phil has called Bistro MD the "best home meal delivery" available. 

Dr. Phil calls on Bistro MD to help a 700 pound man.

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